Computing floating point additive recurrence

Computing Weyl (additive recurrence) sequences in float-point has some gotchas.

20200124 distribution sampling sequence low-discrepancy Weyl

FMA: solve quadratic equation

Micro-post on title.

20200110 FMA floating point

FMA: extended precision addition and multiplication by constant

Brushstrokes using FMAs to compute: K+x and Kx with K in higher than native precision.

20200109 FMA floating point

Tau and the art of Windmill jousting

TLDR: Use tau if you want, but you need a good argument to say pi was a historic mistake.

20200106 troll

Got Gamma?

A breakdown on my joke approximation of $x^{2.2}$

20191210 color approximation

A slerp by half

Some notes computing the rotation half away between two inputs

20191019 interpolation

Can an involution be a competitive bit finalizer?

A feasibility study to determine if an involution can be competitive (quality and cost) bit mixer.

20190820 integer hash random

Comments on the Avalanche Effect

A quick overview of what "Avalanche Effect" properties are, why they can be used to test and search for PRNGs and overview of how to convert the property into a comparision measurement.

20190810 integer hashing random

Some comments on approximately equal FP comparisons

In which I point to some other peoples blog posts and make some minor comments.

20190514 floating point numeric

Measuring ULP distance

Some code for measuring the ULP distance between floats with comments.

20190424 floating point numeric