20231109 Popcount walks: next, previous, toward and nearest
20230712 A fast path floating point underflow test elision from absorption
20230615 Stable look-at rotations
20230121 Weighted function approximation: angle trisection
20221216 An evil and odious map (partition into even/odd parity in increasing order)
20220714 A fast perfect shuffle for n≤64
20220131 Quaternion swing twist decomposition
20220128 Random number draws with fixed parity
20210318 A cheap normal distribution approximation
20200814 Error growth of composing rotations
20200616 Basic uniform random floating-point values
20200417 Solve power-of-two LCG for constants
20200311 A design and implementation of sincospi in binary32
20200216 Generating the log of a uniform random float
20200124 Computing floating point additive recurrence
20200110 FMA: solve quadratic equation
20200109 FMA: extended precision addition and multiplication by constant
20200106 Tau and the art of Windmill jousting
20191210 Got Gamma?
20191019 A slerp by half
20190820 Can an involution be a competitive bit finalizer?
20190810 Comments on the Avalanche Effect
20190514 Some comments on approximately equal FP comparisons
20190424 Measuring ULP distance
20190312 Floating point division with known divisor
20190206 posit: thin triangle other tricks (REVEALED!)
20180806 Uniform points in sphere and capped cone
20180621 An empirical testing point set on sphere and caps
20180612 Solving for quaternion rotation from a vector viewpoint
20171110 Volume element of SO(3) and average uniform random rotation angle
20171013 Basic XOR-rotates and their inverse
20171013 Table of basic reversible integer operations
20170927 PRNS with 32 bits of state
20170918 Integer multiplicative inverse via Newton's method
20170912 Linear Congruential Sequences
20170808 On quaternion/rotation matrix conversions and errors
20170512 Hopf coordinate conversion and torque minimal factorization
20170502 Quaternion quantization: part 1
20170419 On certain results of quaternionic interpolation
20170418 Converting to Euler & Tait-Bryan
20170127 Uniform random 3D rotations
20170127 Cube/cylinder/ball mappings
20170117 Higher density uniform floats
20170111 Approximate concentric square to disc
20170108 Square/Disc mappings
20161222 Pigeonhole principle bias
20161128 Uniform points on disc, circle, sphere and caps
20160809 Minimum magnitude angle rotation between two normals
20160706 Orthonormal basis from normal via quaternion similarity
20160626 Implied normals (unit bivectors as rotations)
20160530 Quaternion half/double angle and Cayley transforms
20160517 Quaternion rotation visualization
20160517 Quaternion are really Complex
20160419 prns.h
20160418 Sobol.h
20160329 minimal quality 2D hashing with Weyl
20160224 Weyl sequence overview