Hopf coordinate conversion and torque minimal factorization

Gives a mile-high overview of the Hopf map from geometry perspective.

20170512 hopf rotations

Quaternion quantization: part 1

An overview of full-range context-free quantization of quaternions into fixed bit package.

20170502 quantization rotations frames graphics

On certain results of quaternionic interpolation

basic interpolation

20170419 interpolation

Converting to Euler & Tait-Bryan

A note on reducing errors when converting to Euler angles or Tait-Bryan paramerters.

20170418 euler rotations

Uniform random 3D rotations

a brief note on generating random rotations in 3D

20170127 random rotation

Cube/cylinder/ball mappings

show some maps and plots of volume distortion

20170127 quantization distribution sampling map

Higher density uniform floats

a brief note on generating uniform floats

20170117 random

Approximate concentric square to disc

a brief follow-up note to the square/disc post

20170111 quantization distribution sampling map

Square/Disc mappings

a visualization of area/shape distortions and point distributions

20170108 quantization distribution sampling map

Pigeonhole principle bias

a note on bias introduced by the pigeonhold principle

20161222 bias distribution random