PRNS with 32 bits of state

A multistream low complexity random access PRNG/permutation generator.

20170927 random sequence permutation Weyl

Integer multiplicative inverse via Newton's method

A short note on computing the modular multiplicative inverse of an odd integer.

20170918 integer

Linear Congruential Sequences

A small list of properties of full-period sequences for reference.

20170912 random sequence permutation

On quaternion/rotation matrix conversions and errors

Skims the math of quaternions to rotations matrices and back with empirical errors including small angle special case.

20170808 rotations conversion

Hopf coordinate conversion and torque minimal factorization

Gives a mile-high overview of the Hopf map from geometry perspective.

20170512 hopf rotations

Quaternion quantization: part 1

An overview of full-range context-free quantization of quaternions into fixed bit package.

20170502 quantization rotations frames graphics

On certain results of quaternionic interpolation

basic interpolation

20170419 interpolation

Converting to Euler & Tait-Bryan

A note on reducing errors when converting to Euler angles or Tait-Bryan paramerters.

20170418 euler rotations

Uniform random 3D rotations

a brief note on generating random rotations in 3D

20170127 random rotations

Cube/cylinder/ball mappings

show some maps and plots of volume distortion

20170127 quantization distribution sampling map