Converting to Euler & Tait-Bryan

A note on reducing errors when converting to Euler angles or Tait-Bryan paramerters.

20170418 euler rotations

Uniform random 3D rotations

a brief note on generating random rotations in 3D

20170127 random rotations

Cube/cylinder/ball mappings

show some maps and plots of volume distortion

20170127 quantization distribution sampling map

Higher density uniform floats

a brief note on generating uniform floats

20170117 random

Approximate concentric square to disc

a brief follow-up note to the square/disc post

20170111 quantization distribution sampling map

Square/Disc mappings

a visualization of area/shape distortions and point distributions

20170108 quantization distribution sampling map

Pigeonhole principle bias

a note on bias introduced by the pigeonhold principle

20161222 bias distribution random

Uniform points on disc, circle, sphere and caps

a brief note on some basic uniform spatial distributions

20161128 distribution random

Minimum magnitude angle rotation between two normals

Given two normals find the rotation from one to the other

20160809 rotations normal graphics

Orthonormal basis from normal via quaternion similarity

two methods of computing an orthonormal basis from a unit (bi)vector.

20160706 graphics interpolation quantization distribution